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My name is Stephanie and I enjoy learning different ways to make money online, and to save money.

I have a Masters degree in Pharmacy, and currently working towards completing my registration to become a Pharmacist *fingers crossed*. I’m 20-something and currently live in London. I work part-time, and the other times I spend studying, making money online, and blogging. I’m a super huge Michael and Janet Jackson, and really enjoy listening to music. I regularly play guitar hero and video games and watch countless episodes of Frasier on DVD.

About Precious New Start

To be honest, when I first started online, I didn’t think it was possible to make any money online, especially when there are lots of scams about.

That’s why I created this site! To show you the real ways you can make money online. Most of what I share will be legit websites/products that I’ve used, and made money from myself, however, there will also be some that I haven’t personally used myself, but know others that have been successful with. Thereby giving you multiple options to help you make money online. The reviews will be my own opinions, and I will share the pros and cons, my likes and dislikes.  I want to be able to provide you with the tools and resources to make a success online.

Nowadays, it’s more important to have access to different income streams. So hopefully by following this site, you’ll find a number of the right income streams that you can use to make money online.

I don’t claim to be a master or a millionaire from using these tools, but I believe I am proof that making money online can happen, and you could make a good living from it too. All you need is the determination, and the willingness to put in the hard work to really succeed.

In addition to making money topics, I enjoy sharing my money saving tips.

Feel free to browse the site, and if you’d like to get in contact you can follow me on



Wealthy Affiliate –> (If you’d like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate for online business training, then you can register here to create your free starter membership.)

Email: preciousnewstart@gmail.com



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